Margaret – Stand Up (And Shout)

Teledysk do piosenki Stand Up (And Shout)

Tekst piosenki Margaret – Stand Up (And Shout)

Wake up and fight it’s the moment now
I tell you
Wake up and fight for your right
Come on
Stand up and shout so don’t hesitate
I’ll give you
Power and burning gasoline

On, there’s no reason for you come back
I’ll lead you so far
Come on
There’s no region where you can’t go
So pull the trigger

STAND UP fight for the right of your country
From the beginning rise again
STAND UP shout at the wind all your reasons
Into the riot we go on

Pick up your stuff take it easy now
You’re gonna
Love every minute of this day
Let me
Give you the strenght let me give to you
And let me
Say what I think about that

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