Edyta Górniak – Sit Down

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Sit Down

I could feel your eyes
While they were burning
With such intensity
You’re making me feel dirty
I can almost feel
Your hands all never say
It’s rude to keep on staring
If you’re caught
Then you should look away

You ain’t got nothing to fill my dreams
You ain’t got nothing to match my genes
On intuition i do rely
Loose submission i will defy
Contrary to what you believe
You don’t do nothing for me

Just sit down and relax
You’re stressing to the max
You never gonna get to me
Just sit down, give me space
Boy you’re in my face
We’ll never have a history
Sit down, sit down

You’re dressed to thrill
You got the bills
But boy you’re killing me
I’m looking for the kind of guy
That’s full of life and sensitivity
Did your papa never teach
You have to treat a woman like a lady
Not a piece of ass

You don’t do anything to ease my mind
You don’t do anything but waste my time
A shame I’m wrecking your master plan
Just start walking and be a man
Naturally you want to believe
That you did something for me

Just sit down and relax….

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