Ariana Grande – Bad News To Employees

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Sara: Ariana, thank you so much, thank you so much for doing this. First we have Debbie. Debbie?
Ariana: Debbie, girl. You called in sick yesterday but we saw your photos on Instagram. You was at the beach.
Debbie: Those are from last year.
Ariana: I know a sunburn when I see it.
Nikki: Now you’re gonna talk to Greg. Greg?
Ariana: Greg, please stop heating up fish in a microwave. The whole office smells like crotch. Sorry bro.
Nikki: Oh, He definitely hurt you.
Sara: Next we have Chris. It’s gonna be fine. Chris?
Ariana: Chris, the female employees appreciate your commitment to relaxed muscles, but you need to stop giving out unwanted shoulder massages, please.
Pack your s#!% and go you creep! Get out the door.
Nikki: We hate him.
Sara: We hate him.
Ariana: I’m actually really uncomfortable doing this. I find it really weird and creepy that you would ask a stranger to sing bad news to your employees. And I quit.
Sara: No, Ariana, please don’t go.
Nikki: I’m too much of a p#$$* to do this myself!
Ariana: I’m so sorry girls.
Sara: So what you’re saying that you’ll stay?
Ariana: No.
Nikki: But.
Ariana: NO.
Sara: But…

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