Edyta Górniak – Don't you know

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Tekst piosenki Edyta Górniak – Don't you know

A shattered home
A twisted child
Never fit in with all the rest

A cold, cold world
A frozen man
He lived his life with bitterness

But when love came too close
He would turn away
He was angry inside
And so afraid

Don’t you know
You’ll be the one
I’ll always love

A coloured garden
A butterfly
There was so much more than just a change
A revelation
A fearless man
Finally free from all his pain

And when love came to close

And I feel like crying
‘Cause I feel like we’re slowly dying
But I’ll keep on
Loving you

Don’t you know …

Kto jest autorem tekstu piosenki Don't you know śpiewanej przez Edyta Górniak?

Autorem tekstu przeboju Don't you know jest Marta Dowson

Kto skomponował utwór Don't you know?

Kompozytorem piosenki Don't you know jest Jamie Jazz

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